Thursday, May 14, 2009

Virgin Closed Part 3

So let's get right into that whole exclusivity thing I was babbling about...

Right's the reason people don't care enough to buy a CD anymore or pay for it in any way...the record industry has this laughable attitude that says "We're the movers and the shakers, we make things happen...this is what separates the men from the boys, this is us up here, and this is you down there, little man..."

Yep...we're just the petty consumers who just throw ourselves at you, who at 5:30pm make sure we pray in the direction of Universal Records, and then proceed to the CD store to buy the latest craze's opus...

So in actuality, they've forgotten who pays their bills...they seem to forget that we can and basically have shut them down. You keep creating crap because you want it to sell so you push the band aside and hire dime a dozen session musicians and overworked songwriters and some idiot producer to help "smooth things out" which leaves the audience and the band with a sub par record they didn't want in the first place. Do you wonder why people aren't buying the little plastic discs anymore? Do you want to pay for inferior products? How about pay out know those insane profit margins I detailed several posts ago? Didn't think so. God knows these cigar chomping, casino frequenting, Maserati driving idiots won't shell for garbage. Top of the line all around! Well, except for when it comes to what they sell you.

If people want to see where that attitude gets you, look no further than the Playstation 3....Sony took the "we know what you want better than you do" road, and look where it got them! The PS2 is vastly outselling the PS3! Meanwhile, Xbox 360 and Wii continue to rake in the dough. Oh, and don't use the "well, in Japan the PS3 is selling better that the 360!" arguement.

1) The Wii still outsells the PS3 like crazy in Japan, and the only reason the Japanese are still loyal to Sony is because they are weary of American electronics...and given our sparkling history with cars, electronics, weapons (oops), I can understand why.

So, to say the least, the PS3 is a miserable failure due largely in part to the attitude Sony took when approaching the development and marketing of it...the same one used by the record industry.

You can lead a horse to water.....ya know?

I'll wrap this up soon...promise.

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