Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thom Yorke can shut up any time now...

Thom Yorke makes an ass of himself on his website.....

an online petition with over a million names.. including President Obama.
currently there is talk of a climate change bill in the US similair to the one we have passed in the UK.
thats a BIG deal.
but i have been reading how the oil industry is investing millions of dollars in a PR campaign against it!
how utterly dumbass is that? how do these people look their children in the eye?

in have now stepped down from todays soapbox. byebye

Hi Thom....can I remind you that you are in Radiohead? Do you know what your tour bus, jet, car, etc are powered by? That's right....oil. So while we're on the subject of environmental damage, can I ask what your guitars are made of? Wood perhaps? With some scary paints and coatings on them that I'm sure could turn a lake into a level 4 biohazard in 10 minutes? So what do you think CDs are made from? Friendly earth smiles and lovely wishes? Dream on....Oh, how about your amps? Cables? Mics? Not exactly the most eco friendly stuff right there....oh, and are you aware of the wattage your PA/amps take up? That's a ton of electricity being sucked up there...especially for your more indulgent, lengthy sets....So listen, Mr. Yorke, until you walk to every gig with instruments made from recycled materials that are destined to be recycled after use and play an acoustic set, I don't want to hear another fucking peep from you.

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