Monday, May 25, 2009

Fitchburg useless...

I get to hear an awful lot about the crime in this city, especially from the local PD, but how useful are they, really?

I have a story to share that should sum it up for everybody reading this blog:

My girlfriend and I moved into a nice apartment about 6 months ago that is rather close to the police station, and by rather close, I mean, I can almost spit on the damn station. We began seeing lots of people going in and out of the apartment below us, but we didn't want to jump to any conclusions about what is going on without actually knowing a bit about the situation at hand.

Well, soon enough, the evidence became overwhelming that they were in fact, dealing drugs. Lots of people going in and out for only two minutes at a time, sometimes with cash in hand, people looking rather, well, fucked up, a little phrase or two that flat out said "yeah, we have drugs", the smell of drugs, and so on....

And we're not just talking weed....The big stuff....Crack to be rather specific. Now you might ask "how do you really know about crack?" Well, let's get this out of the way...I've done crack many times and have had many friends who loved the rock. A friend of mine also recently died from it.

Also, I saw a man walk out after a woman and throw a very clearly used crackpipe at her. You know the kind, the little plastic rose in a tube things. And that smell...oh that smell...We have also witnessed the woman in question scoring painkillers at a local pizza place from a man who flat out walked in and asked if anyone working there wanted some in front of a woman and her child. I placed my order and followed him back to his truck in the parking lot to wait with my girlfriend, and sure enough, there the woman is in his truck with cash, making the switch. Surprise!

Another bit is that the landlord of this building evicted someone for drug use in the past year, and sure enough, he is good friends with the people I am talking about and she has seen him many times in their apartment and asked him leave.

Very recently, I confronted the woman downstairs and without actually saying it to me in the literal words, she admitted to me what she was doing. And of course, she was angry with me saying "nobody is going to control my life." And then proceded to complain at me for walking around upstairs...well, sorry....I kind of have to walk in order to move around, bitch...if you know how to float, please teach me and I will happily float everywhere...until then, shut your fat fucking mouth.

I don't want to drag out the post, but I will wrap this part up by saying there are many other examples to back up my accusations and every one of which have been reported to the cops on at least ten occasions. What action has been taken? Nothing...not a god damn fucking thing. Even at the pizza place, when it was reported, they didn't bother to even get a description, lisence plate, etc...they just did not care. Each and every time we called, sometimes anonymously, sometimes not, they didn't bother what so ever to take down any info that we offered and just seemed to rush us off the phone.

This afternoon I went out for a cigarette and saw a few very sketchy looking people going in and the smell of weed was just overwhelming...I make my call to the police station and guess what??? NOBODY PICKED UP THE FUCKING PHONE. The phone rang for a good 3 minutes to nothing...there you go. You fuckers always complain about how you want the public's co-operation, but you don't do anything when we do co-coperate. You want to stop all the drug trade in this area, but when I call giving you lots of proof that we have a heavy drug dealer downstairs, you do nothing to respond. We even tried a few different routes to report them...noise, suspicious activity, etc and NOTHING WORKED.

You want people to take you seriously? Really? What's my reasoning to support anything you do or take any kind of pride in what you do for us? From where I stand, I see none.

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