Saturday, March 28, 2009

Virgin Closed (Part 1)

So, I hear the VMS in NYC's Times Square is gone...

I'm going to tell you I don't care on the basis that cd stores in general, suck.

I know it's convenient to blame the decline of CD sales on things like Bit Torrent, Pirate Bay, Limewire, Soulseek, and other P2P services, but to me it's very clear that people are not buying music like they used to for other reasons...let's examine those, shall we?

1) CDs are a rip off: Does anybody actually know how much it costs to make a CD? I do! At a press of 5000 CDs, it will cost about $.62 per disc. And that's just at 5000. I promise major labels press WAY MORE than 5000 at a time. At 10,000 it would cost a mere $.31 per disc. At 20,000 it comes down to a miniscule $.15 per disc. Shall we go to 40,000? I'm sure it doesn't seem absurd to think that a worldwide artist like Britney Spears, Kanye West, Fall Out Boy, Korn, and Nickelback would press that much if not far more....That brings of to about $.08 PER DISC. 80,000 in a run? Probably happens......Brings us to $.04 cents a disc. 160,000 discs? I'm sure you could imagine 160,000 people with the new Beyonce album very easily...$.02 a disc.........Wonder what you would be paying for? I don't.....When it comes to actually paying for the cost of the physical disc, you are getting FUCKED. How many of us have payed $20 for a CD? I know I have in my lifetime...

And if you think that booklet costs anything, don't fool yourself. They cost less to print...Probably printed in some poor country that does it for next to nothing. Recording? Advertising? Does it really matter at this point? Most CDs are sold to the retailer for about $12, so don't worry, the expenses are more than covered.

And what exactly are you paying for? The "clarity of digital"? Give me a break! Digital audio sounds like garbage. Want the proof? Go listen to a vinyl record made in the past 20 or 30 years that is in good shape. Big difference in quality. You know why? Digital anything isn't actually the sound waves produced by the source. It is, in fact, a series of broken up pieces that are rendered in such a quick manner that it sounds as if you are hearing the audio as a whole. Sort of like TV. It's actually a whole lot of still frames that comes together so fast you are tricked into seeing a moving image. Vinyl on the other hand is the actualy vibrations in a constant stream fed through a stylus to your speakers at 33 1/3, 45, or 78 RPMs. Digital clarity, my ass.

So what happened to records, anyways? Well, despite what many people will have you believe, vinyl has never gone away. It has been around this whole time!

You might be wondering why these companies would discontinue the superior product...It comes down to cost. Vinyl costs a lot more to press and is slower to press. You could guess that they thought it would have no place in our triple shot, venti soy latte with organic sugar on the go while I synergize, maximize my output for the company where it's casual Friday every day thanks to our Parrothead CEO who attends his business meetings in a muscle beach tee with his longboard under his feet because he understands the people working for his tre' cool dot com biz 90s.

I mean, there is something to be said for the fact that it was very much, a portable medium, but at what cost?

The other question many might have is the issue of durability for vinyl. I've done this test many times, and trust me, compared to CDs, vinyl is unbreakable.............

(part 2 coming soon)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Well well well...

I have not eaten meat since I was a a young boy...I probably gave it up about 15 years ago. I cut out all dairy and became vegan around 8 years ago.

As if the dangers of eating meat weren't very apparent by now, maybe this report should make things unmistakably clear:


Bacon and eggs for breakfast, a ham and cheese sandwich or sub with cold cuts for lunch, porkchops for dinner. Sounds like a familiar daily diet for many North Americans.

A word of caution for veggie-shy carnivores: Eating red meat increases the chances of dying prematurely, according to the first large study to examine whether regularly eating beef or pork increases mortality.

What? Put down that steak knife just as we're approaching barbecue season?

The National Cancer Institute led the study published Monday in the Archives of Internal Medicine. As the Washington Post reports:

The study of more than 500,000 middle-aged and elderly Americans found that those who consumed about four ounces of red meat a day (the equivalent of about a small hamburger) were more than 30% more likely to die during the 10 years they were followed, mostly from heart disease and cancer. Sausage, cold cuts and other processed meats also increased the risk.

So, if the risk of listeriosis wasn't enough, now we have an early death staring us in the face. Surely, there are a lot of people grabbing the "equivalent of a small hamburger" at fast-food restaurants around the globe — on a regular basis. Hamburger is cheap in this new economy. Think of France, cornerstone of fine cuisine; France is now McDonald's second largest source of cash outside the U.S. And Japan has embraced the Quarter Pounder.

Why is red meat so bad? And pork had a long-running ad campaign as the good-for-you "other white meat"... Should we be confused? Back to the Washington Post:

There are many explanations for how red meat might be unhealthy: Cooking red meat generates cancer-causing compounds; red meat is also high in saturated fat, which has been associated with breast and colorectal cancer; and meat is high in iron, also believed to promote cancer. People who eat red meat are more likely to have high blood pressure and cholesterol, which increases the risk of heart disease. Processed meats contain substances known as nitrosamines, which have been linked to cancer.

Although pork is often promoted as "white meat," it is believed to increase the risk of cancer because of its iron content...

The American Meat Institute, a trade group, dismissed the findings, however, saying they were based on unreliable self-reporting by the study participants. But the experts are quick to point out that people don't have to become vegetarians to be healthy — just don't eat red meat every day.

Beyond human health and longevity concerns, the Post also reports on the benefit to the planet:

In addition to the health benefits, a major reduction in the eating of red meat would probably have a host of other benefits to society, Popkin said: reducing water shortages and pollution, cutting energy consumption, and tamping down greenhouse gas emissions -- all of which are associated with large-scale livestock production.

"There's a big interplay between the global increase in animal food intake and the effects on climate change," he said. "If we cut by a few ounces a day our red-meat intake, we would have big impact on emissions and environmental degradation."

Good. You can still enjoy your barbecue, but don't fire it up every breezy summer night for a meaty dinner.


Now, I'm sure plenty of people are sitting around going "oh stfu you liberal fascist" or "for every burger you don't eat, I'm gonna eat TWO!" If your response is the second one, I hope you enjoy'll be spending a lot of time in them. If it was the first, let me make something very clear:

I despise the meat industry. For me, the slaughter of these animals makes us anything but human. It simply makes us a clever savage. An honest look at the meat industry reveals horrors that I doubt even Ed Gein could dream up. Aside from all that, the environmental impacts are appalling, as are the health risks. Meat makes me furious. It makes me so disappointed in those around me who chose to consume it and sometimes revel in it.

But you know what??? If there was a magic button that made it so that nobody could choose to eat meat again, I wouldn't push it. You know why? Because it would rob people of their freedom to choose what they want, and that would make me just as bad as those I despise.

I am presenting this simply because I think people need to see these things. People must be informed of any and all things related to this. Certainly the meat industry has it's say, so I'm just doing my little part to balance things out.

People should make their own choices about this. They shouldn't be swayed by ads from any industry. Be it beef or something like PETA, which I'd like to go on the record as saying I despise PETA just as much as the meat industry. There are far better organizations to learn from than that awful group. So the next time your veg(an) friend/parent/co-worker/sibling/kid/etc shows you PETA, tell them to give you a source you can take seriously...then you will be willing to talk about it.

I won't be afraid of what isn't there...

I was outside a few minutes ago having a cigarette when I noticed something...fewer street light were on...I'm guessing Mayor Wong's plan to save us some money has started, or we just have really crappy street lights...

I began to think about Unicow's blog post on the subject and took a good look around. What did I see? Fighting? Looting? Rape? Violence? Nope...not a damn thing.

Let it be known that I live in a nice part of Fitchburg between an ok and REALLY SCARY part of Fitchburg. Although I am nestled between the YMCA and Police Station, it's not that which makes me feel's the fact that THERE IS REALLY NOTHING BAD GOING ON.

Oh, don't worry...there are plenty of reminders that the areas around me are very dangerous...if you look on the side of the street, just before the curb, you will notice 4 syringes...yep. Oh, and don't think these are capped needles that just happen to be there because of a careless diabetic. These are very much uncapped and clearly used with the exception of one that seems to have been recapped.

I certainly can hear yelling and arguments from all directions, and I've certainly seen plenty of people smoking pot right on the corner in broad daylight...where I am is no safe haven. The only thing nice in the area is the building, the two offices, and the people.

You want to know something? I leave my car unlocked every damn night. Also, I go out for a cigarette whenever I feel like it. Hey, want to go for a walk at 2:30am? I will. Want to get into a conversation with a group of homeless people randomly passing by? Been there, done that.

I do all the things they say you shouldn't do. Have I been hurt or harassed even once? Nope.

Remembering when I was new in my neighborhood in Fitch around the age of 12, moving in was very uncomfortable to say the least. The neighbors would stare at you waiting to see what kind of perverted, junkie, lawbreaking scum just moved on to their street. Dog walks were very frequent and would seem to slow down in pace when they got to our vicinity. And don't even think anybody offered to help and there was any type of neighborly welcoming committee. And this was in a rather nice place where recently a whole complex of $500,000 + homes were built.

So what happens when I move into a rougher part of town into an apartment where I would wager many are collecting welfare, enjoying the occasional substance, and have certainly done their share of sketchy things in the past? Well, I now know everybody in the building by name and can turn to them if I need help just as they can turn to me. If we see each other in the hallway we will stop and talk. Not just a quick "hi" but a full blown conversation. How about when I was having trouble getting my couch up to the second floor? You couldn't possibly imagine that somebody would stop and help me, right? They did. Two young guys stopped what they were doing and helped me with that pain in the ass couch and completely heavy bureau.

So how's that strike you? I live in a fucked up place in a fucked up time, and I have to say, I feel more at home in this apartment near a very scary side of town.

Dig it.

p.s. I just heard a young woman yelling "that's nasty, nigga!" very clearly through my closed windows...home sweet home!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Holy Crap

I like people that get bored.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I bring the noise

so, not really blog worthy...more like shameless self promotion:

Black Steel Peacock - Fire Life (Life on Fire)

it's free and it's noise.

dig it!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Religion and Politics (no no no)

How do you prepare for the pope's visit in Africa? Simple!

Also...the pope still hates condoms...damn Africans and their desire to avoid AIDS.

So let me get this piss off the Jews with your Holocaust denying Bishop...

You rile up the Muslims by calling their faith "invalid"...

You very much hate gays...

You make people nervous because as a boy you were a part of Hitler Youth...

In order to "clean up" for your visit, security forces in Yaounde smash street vending locations that make it so that they can eat, possibly afford medicine, live, etc and you say nothing against it...

Now you telling them they're wrong because they use condoms to prevent themselves from becoming infected with AIDS???

Way to go...

I know you want to believe that people simply aren't spiritual, and are turning away from the light of Jesus, but that's not the case. The world has strong faith in all areas when it comes to religion...they're just turning away from you and your archaic system of corruption, greed, and fear mongering. As far as I'm concerned, the church has nothing to do with fact, you stand for everything Jesus Christ did not. Your institution is a sick perversion of what is written in the bible and anybody following you is sadly mistaken.

If you need to know, I am not belonging to any particular faith. I have copies of the Bible, Qur'aan, Kabalion, Bhagavad Gita, and some Buddhist works. I do not ever intend to subscribe to any faith. I feel that my time on this planet is best spent attempting to better myself and to hopefully be an example, inspiration, or at least just leave a good impression by brightening someone's day. I don't feel that I need a label to do just that. I am all for having faith in whatever you want, so long as it does not harm anybody.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Long Time, No Post...

It's been too long, and there's plenty to get to. The reason for my absence being:

1) I've gotten a new synth that has completely sucked me into it's many routing functions, Curtis VCF chips, low bit rate samples, and awesome multitrack sequencer.

2) I've become addicted to this game.

So, let me start off by saying that the CEO of Unitil getting a $300,000 bonus for "out performing his 2008 job goals" really pisses me off...

It also leaves me with a few questions...the first being: What the hell were your job goals in the first place if you went above them?! Was his goal to sink the damn company? I'm sorry, but the way this idiot handled that storm was simply awful. Many were without power for too long in conditions that were very dangerous. Yes, I understand, some people bought generators and some went to shelters. But what if you didn't have the money or just weren't able to find a generator? What if you had too much pride (read as stubborn) to go to a Shelter? What if you felt others needed it more than you? Or perhaps you were disgusted with the conditions and overwhelming climate of racism in them towards non whites?

Well, hope you don't become very ill or die! Tough luck...we're working on it....kind of....well, in a few days.

Robert Schoenberger lied through his fucking doesn't get any more simple than that! Unitil did not have anywhere near the amount of trucks deployed as was stated, and they certainly didn't do a damn thing the night it happened. Property damage costs soared as the company crawled to fix the problem and the danger mounted to people as the possiblity of large scale damage to their homes and themselves loomed over their heads, making for a rather stressful time. On top of all this, people were freezing, becoming sick, racing to make sure they could eat and that pets were safe.

Fun fact: FSC students were evacuated from their dorms. Now, this doesn't seem like much, but think about what happens to those kids who are from another state, part of the country, part of the planet..well, you can either risk your neck if you can drive back, pay huge costs to get a plane ticket home, that is if you could find a plane that wasn't delayed or cancelled, or put yourself up in an expensive hotel, or a sleazey, dangerous motel...take your pick...either way, it probably sucked for these poor kids. You would think these FSC dorms would have been turned back on quickly seeing as they had a lot at stake. And hey, downtown had power pretty quick...what's the hold up over at FSC? Another Unitil wonder.

So what do we get for all this trouble? Huge spikes in our Utility bill, of course!

The final F YOU from Unitil came in the form of them saying that if a line was down on your property, they would not fix is considered a private line...nice.

Does this man really deserve a reward? Can somebody please explain what he did for the company? If I was above this man, I would see to it that he loses his job really quick.

This absurdity is Caligula league antics. They know how this guy fucked up, and they reward him, because somehow, despite all this bad press, he managed to yank more money in.

Headaches all around!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Kanye West still sucks

My question is this: what does he intend to do? Drop auto tune units and a studio to pitch correct wave point by wave point? Add other effects like bass boosting, chorus, reverb?

If you want someone to teach you how to sing, I'd suggest looking elsewhere...this dick will certainly be of no use.

- r

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Does anybody do anything nice anymore simply to be nice???

Tom, the omnipresent figurehead of myspace had this little blurb for all members to read:

"Join me in becoming a part of Generation Forward, a conscious community that believes in the power of doing good deeds. Check out all the cool, progressive things you can get involved with now at: including a resolution program with socially and fiscally responsible acts like mentoring, food donations, paying your bills on time, and reducing your carbon footprint. You’ll also find information about MySpace’s first co-branded credit card. MySpace is teaming up with Citi to offer Citi Forward by MySpace, which rewards cardmembers for good credit behavior. As a cardmember, you also get exclusive benefits like VIP access to Secret Shows and movie premieres."

ok, let's have a good look at what is wrong about this:

1) You are redirected to a site SPONSORED BY CITI. Good deeds and large companies very rarely go hand in hand. Even if the deed is good, it is only done to bolster the bank roll by baiting people with "the chance to do something good".

2) Oh yeah, tell me what doesn't belong here:


"Food Donations"

"Paying your bills on time"

"Reducing your carbon foot print"

ok, I get it, now that the economy is collapsing and you may be forced to cut your completely bloated salary by a couple thousand a year, you want us to hurry up and get that money to you. You see, I'm having a hard time following all this, because for a while, it was "yeah, run that card up and up so we can make you pay bloated interest until you pay it all back many years later." They never really "said" that, but most people seem to know.

3) a myspace credit card....what could possibly go wrong? the place where pedophiles go to pick up 15 year old girls that say they are 19, where college guys go to post pictures of them at their "FUCKINWIKKEDPARTYDOODGUYHEYOHMANIWASSOOOFUCKINDRUNK!" and where stupid girls post pictures of themselves that and damn near pornographic...yeah, don't you want a credit card from them? It's like agreeing to be "the night's entertainment" at a party for Caligula.

What can I say? Just go do nice things because you want to do nice things and make the world a better place. Not because you want "AWESOME VIP DEALS!" You see something going wrong? Can you fix it? Fix the situation! It doesn't need to be any more complicated than that.

Oh, so by the way....My show is tommorow night at THE RABBIT HOLE!'s free...go go go!